Regarding Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 United States Presidential Election…

To everyone saying things like Sanders would’ve won this, that everyone’s political views should be respected, or its not the end of the world. I want to pass along a few notes.

Firstly, the nearly 60 million people who voted for Trump did so against the ideology of Sanders. If you really think he would’ve won this, consider the kind of people who voted for Trump and how they outnumbered Clinton. Also worth noting Sanders is only one factor. This election wouldn’t have been a different outcome simply because one element changes. Its more than any one cause, its an affirmation of a dominate ideology. That means there’s multiple factors at play for multiple subgroups within society that affirm a Trump presidency. If you really want to change the culture that led to this, its a multi-front war.

As for respecting other views. Let’s remember this election isn’t about disagreements over solutions. Its disagreements about problems. When one group is denying another the right to exist, do you really think everyone’s going to shake hands at the end of the day? The man ready to take on the Vice Presidency thinks you can electrocute a gay person until they’re straight. That’s not the kind of view you dismiss with “that’s just your opinion.” That’s a flat out war over who has human rights. This is not a thing that can blow over because you want it to.

Which brings me to my final point: living with the results is a privilege. Let’s not forget the people facing mental disorders, dreams over the affirmation of their existence and fears of extremists like the KKK. Trump winning is a signal to a lot of people. If you can live comfortably with the results, its because you have a status quo that isn’t intimately affected by this in ways you need to understand. For many minority groups, this is a huge symbolic, epistemic and aesthetic blow. You have to understand that and let them process their actions accordingly.

Don’t make this about you. Make this about the people who need a reason to continue co-existing with you. Keep this a discourse by acknowledging how unstable the discourse has become.



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